About Us


Based on years of research and experience, we have created a process of manufacturing Aloe Vera Extract which allows us to retain the highest level of the plant’s nutritive properties. We stand behind the quality of our products because we control every step of the process.

Harvesting, extraction, processing and stabilization is done within minutes of our fields. Once the freshly cut Aloe Vera leaves reach our plant, they go through a controlled process where the leaves are run through state-of-the-art equipment handled by skilled technicians.

We own and manage our own processing and manufacturing facility, allowing us to provide a range of capabilities. To ensure the highest quality product, we only employ best-in-practice methods and use the most advanced technologies throughout our facility.

The processes we have developed allow us to ensure the preservation of the aloe vera nutrients which is essential in maintaining the health benefits of the extract. Our methodologies result in a very consistent and stable product which can be stored for many years without degradation or loss of effectiveness.